Crystl is the world's first map-driven Crypto platform using in game mining.

Proof of Fun™

Most Crypto currencies use a system called "Proof of Work" to mine tokens. Not only is it not fun, but it's a pretty inefficient system that wastes tons of power while increasing pollution.

Crystl proof of fun system allows players to earn real crypto-currency while playing walking their dog!

Extensible Adventure

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Earn Crystl while you sleep. Be a mine founder.

Use seed Crystls to generate new mining locations and when other people find Crystl there, you earn some too!

Gameplay screenshot

Upgrade your gear. See for yourself.

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Gameplay screenshot

Limited Access. Private Beta.

Sign-up now for early beta access and recive your share of seed Crystls before anyone else. This will all allow you to become a mine founder and claim the best locations in your area. Invite your friends and move up the list.